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A combination of organized teaching methods along with a variety of ‘free’ activities contributes to the social, intellectual, emotional and physical development of each child. At Wilmot Learning Place, we follow classroom rules and routines with plenty of room for personal freedom and space. Pre-reading, pre-math, science and social studies subjects are introduced. All these subjects are reinforced through crafts, songs, games and hands-on activities. There is also much opportunity for creativity. Our goal is to prepare the children with the basic skills, independence and enthusiasm they will need as they enter kindergarten. Learning and fun go hand in hand at Wilmot Learning Place.

Wilmot Learning Place admits students of any race, religion, color, gender and national or ethnic origin. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Scholarships are available, click HERE to learn more.


Our Pre-School Room is where we sing, play, create and learn to be independent.

In our Pre-School Program, we believe in the importance of students learning in an environment that is consistent and secure. Children are encouraged to take risks and are supported when they make mistakes, which are when the best learning experiences occur. Our students grow and learn not just from our teachers but also from their peers. We encourage students to help each other to become independent and self-confident.

Thematic units provide a mixture of guided and undirected creative activities. Children will have the opportunity to learn about colors, shapes, numbers, textures and nursery rhymes. Hands-on activities provide developmentally appropriate pre-reading, pre-math and science experiences while the use of manipulatives helps support fine motor development (homemade play-dough!). These help build strength and dexterity for when we begin pre-writing skills and teaching the children how to form the letters of their name. Creative concepts are also encouraged such as dramatic play, music and art.

We accept potty-trained three-year-olds by September 30th with two- and three-day, half or full day options. Half days are from 9am-noon and full days run 9am-3:15pm.

All options offer a hands-on learning environment with art, music and field trips.

Daily schedules include:

  • Free activities and outdoor play

  • Story time including blocks, dramatic play and math/science

  • Snack time

  • Art/Discovery times

  • Music/Movement/Sharing


Our Pre-K Room is where we learn to count, paint with bubbles, and go on field trips.

Everyday our Pre-Kindergarten teachers bring passion and creativity into the classroom and pass it on to each eager student. In Pre-K, pre-reading, pre-math, science and social studies subjects are all introduced. These subjects are reinforced through crafts, songs, games and hands-on activities.

We accept four-year-olds by September 30th with three- and five-day, half- or full-day options. Half days are from 9am-noon and full days run 9am-3:15pm. All options offer a hands-on learning environment with art, music and field trips. Our Pre-K program sets the stage for your child’s transition into Kindergarten.

Daily schedules include:

  • Outdoor play
  • Circle time with class discussions and games
  • Group activities including language and math related to daily themes
  • Snack and story times
  • Quiet reading time
  • Art activities, math and language projects, and free time
  • Music/Movement


To register your child to attend Wilmot Learning Place, please call or email us.