frequently asked questions


Students should leave a change of clothes and extra shoes or slippers at the school. Every day, students participate in activities which involve a variety of materials including paint, markers and glue. Please bear this in mind when dressing your child for school.


Recess will be outside daily unless weather prohibits. Snow pants, gloves/mittens, hats, boots and coats must be worn in cold weather.


We encourage our students to learn healthy eating habits. You can help by packing healthy snacks in your child’s snack bag and lunch. Please provide 100% juice drinks or milk and water along with sugar free snacks. Healthy options such as fruits and veggies are always welcome.

Class Celebrations

Birthdays are special times for our children. You are welcome to bring in a treat. Please talk to the teachers beforehand and let them know what you are planning.

Additional Programs

In addition to the school day other programs are available to both Pre-K and Pre-School. These programs are detailed HERE.

Sick Days

Please call (603) 526-4569 to notify us if your child is sick and will not be attending school.

School Cancellations/Delays

To determine if school is cancelled or delayed, please call (603) 526-8444. In the event of a two-hour delay for KRSD, Wilmot Learning Place starts at 9:00am (8:20am for early birds). A decision is usually made by 6:00am and is announced on local TV and radio channels.


Please email or call us at (603) 526-4569 if you are interested in enrolling your child or to set up a time to visit.